ACDJ 2024 Frequently Asked Questions

*Dates and details are subject to change. This FAQ will be updated with more and most recent information as they become available. Last update: 12 December 2023.

On behalf of Africa Media Development Foundation (AMDF) and the conference organizers, we welcome you to this website section.

How many people do you expect to attend the ACDJ 2024?

Between 150 – 200 participants from various locations will join us in Kaduna in December this year to attend the Africa Conference on Development Journalism 2024 (#ACDJ 2024).

Is registration portal open?

No, registration portal is not open yet.

There will be various registration categories including Presenter Registration, Student Presenter Registration, Listener Registration, Student Listener Registration. There will also be Early Bird, Regular and Late Registration windows.

Are non-journalists welcome to register?

We expect a wide range of participants including journalists, academics, political office holders, development partners, civil servants, civil society groups, bloggers and activists, among others, to join us in the conference.

You are free to come and learn from what the presenters have to share.

While registering, there is a drop-down where you are expected to choose your professional affiliation.

When will the conference registration desk open in Kaduna?

Accreditation and collection of conference badges and materials at the venue will commence on 4th December 2024 from 08:00. Please plan to arrive on time.

Conference schedule

A day-by-day overview of the ACDJ 2024 conference program will be made available on this website.

What languages are spoken in Kaduna?

English is the official language in Nigeria, but Hausa language is widely spoken in northern Nigeria. There are other languages spoken in Kaduna including Gbagyi, Adara and Bajju.

Time Zone

Nigeria operates on West African Time (WAT) Zone, which is GMT + 1.

Will I have internet access while in Kaduna?

Wifi is available throughout the conference venue and in most hotels, but heavy data users are advised to buy their own data connectivity from any of the telecom companies.

How can I charge my electronics while in Kaduna?

The electricity current in Nigeria is 220 volts AC, 50Hz. The plug type mostly used is the round European plug, but travelers are generally advised to carry a universal adapter as some hotels might have different plugs.

Upon arrival at the airport/train station, or hotel, interested attendees have the option to purchase SIM Cards from any of the four major local telecom operators (9Mobile, Airtel, Glo and MTN).

Do you have any restaurant recommendations other than the conference venue?

There are many restaurants in Kaduna city that serve traditional or contemporary African and international cuisine – a wide choice to suit every taste. For more information about restaurant options, click here.

Any access to medical emergency at the ACDJ?

The Help Desk at the venue will assist with information about hospitals and pharmacies around the conference venue.

Travelers into Nigeria should ensure they are up to date with all vaccinations. Nigerian government requires proof of yellow fever and other vaccinations, especially when coming from high-risk countries, or those with active cases.

While at the conference, it is advisable not to drink tap water. Bottled water can be bought from all over the town – make sure the seal is intact.

If your question has not been answered, please send your concerns to the ACDJ 2024 planning team via email at